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Thank you. I really needed to see something like this. Being non-binary trans myself, I know from my personal experience that the preju...

I'd say, well put. I don't know why so many people keep saying Islam is a religion of peace, no religion actually promotes peace, and I...

Exactly! Sometimes people think that only one side of political spectrum can be sensitive, like, liberals and their folk. But, in fact,...


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Akhnaton-II has started a donation pool!
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I have no valid goal for gathering points, just give me some if you feel like

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Stamps for points by Akhnaton-II

What I will do:
- fandom stamps;
- anything that is not controversial in any way;
- stamps that mock in a mild manner any ideology& beliefs, including those I personally share and value (e.g. atheism, communism)
- quotes, if you can link to the source.

What I won't do:
- stamps that advertise any ideology& beliefs in a bold manner, regardless of whether I agree with the message;
- hate stamps, regardless of whether I agree with the message;
- stamps that mock any race, nationality, sexuality, gender, disability, and other things people have no control over;
- stamps against Hollyleaf (I know it does not look serious, but just don't ask me for it)

Terms of use by Akhnaton-II

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Comrade M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Greetings, passer-by.

You may call me Comrade M or Akhnaton the Second, I am a Trotskyist, Transhumanist, Globalist, and Darwinist. Though my views changed as the time passed, there is one thing I keep as a prime directive: the law of a scientific fact. This is why I want to free humanity from all superstitions that were standing in the way of progress for so long, e.g. races, nationalities, genders as a social construct. I can’t stand all traditional cultures, because they are lies that feed ignorance and xenophobia. I have no respect for Americans and Europeans who claim cultural diversity to be a good thing (it must be very pleasant to have good food, medicine, mass media, clubs, and higher education as a part of your cultural tradition, but the less luckier people aren’t here for your entertainment). But I will talk to you seriously if you live in Africa or some isles and protect your culture, and the fact that I will consider you either a politician, who is working on image of the country, or a naive brainwashed kid wouldn’t make me think badly of you. I believe in a future humanity that will speak modified English and use new genderless pronouns: se/sim/ser/simself.

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My less important conclusions:
1. On environment. Global warming is real, yet however the Greenhouse effect isn't. It was proven when a scientist built a small box of quartz, which lets most types of rays through, and it still grew hot on the inside. This means we should leave carbon dioxide be and look for another reason. I am also against putting so much effort into saving endangered animals. Species die all the time, why the fuss? The only thing we should worry about is our own survival.
2. On equality. As an Internationalist and Egalitarian, I support equal opportunities to live the life in a preferred way. I strongly disapprove of racists, regardless of colour, and sexists, regardless of identity. I support #freethenipple, abortion, sterilization on demand, same sex marriage, and official acknowledgement of the third gender (later we won't need genders at all, but for now we must go this way).
3. On education. I support making higher education a must for everybody. There are a lot of important things people remain oblivious to, for example, the fact that GM food is not harmful. It will also benefit to the process of taking down traditional values.
4. On religion. I am an Atheist because it is logical, and I actively oppose religion because it brings a lot of harm to humanity (dividing people into artificial groups, provoking wars, hurting children mentally and physically).

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I am a student from a small Russian town. My ancestors originate from different places, and I am a mixed breed of Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Gipsy, and Greek roots. In today's political situation I call myself Ukrainian as a way to oppose Russian government, because I support independent Ukraine. On my father’s side I am a descendant of Cossacks (some sort of Ukrainian Vikings), and on my mother’s side I come from a line of a known Russian revolutionary. I am a member of the LGBT community, Genderfluid and probably Polysexual (“probably” because I don't feel like picking up identity after a theoretical consideration only, I have to fall in love several times before I can be sure). In my IQ tests I score 140-150, and it makes me smarter than 99% of humanity. My Myers-Briggs results vary from ESTJ to INTJ with a slight preference to the latter.

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I read a lot and prefer Sci-Fi and non-fiction. I enjoy watching English movies in original and listening to rock and metal. While thinking I unconsciously hum “Uprising” by Sabaton. “Warsaw, city at war…” I can’t get it out of my head even now. I don’t play computer games, I tried “Siberia” once, and it was boring. I spend a lot of my free time taking photos of cats, you can see the results in my gallery.

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My account started as a place for photography and fan art, but now I also make a lot of stamps, and I welcome the debate on each of them. I never block people (EDITED: an exception is done for one person who kept insulting everybody on my page. I wouldn't have done it if he hadn't kept adding me to their watchlist after I removed him several times), disable or hide comments that are against me only, you are free to say anything you want, but I'd prefer you to be polite to other users who came to comment on my art, and if you aren't, your comment can be hidden. I can make fun of you in a mild manner if you said something that prevents me from taking your seriously. And I have no patience for Stalinists.

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P.S. I also write fanfiction for the “Warriors” fandom.

raven divider left by SolusNox The Raven 150x150 by luisbc raven divider right by SolusNox

:iconakhnaton-ii: Commie love by Akhnaton-II :iconredamerican1945:

Redamerican 1945 commission by Caffinated-Pinecone

CoA of the Socialist World Republic by TiltschMaster Pioneers Badge by CommunismArchive

Dialectical Progress by Party9999999

Russian language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp Language level: Ukrainian (Beginner) by Strassenlaterne Latin language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Italian language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

Cossackball by PropagandaStamps Trotskyistball by PropagandaStamps…

Are RedAmerican1945 and I a good couple? 

20 deviants said Yes
9 deviants said YOU TWO ARE DATING!!? WTF
3 deviants said No, you deserve better
2 deviants said No, he deserves better


Rights and priviledges
You probably don't know, but recently here in Russia was a scandal when a disabled singer wasn't allowed to Eurovision in Ukraine because she once went to sing to occupied territories and showed her support for Russian invasion. It is rather obvious why she was elected for Eurovision, she isn't much of a singer, I've heard better voices - it was her disability that attracted Russian propagandists. And the reaction was pretty obvious: "EW that tolerant pro-EU Ukraine oppressed a disabled girl when it fitted its agenda!"
Guess what? Disabled or not, she wasn't allowed there by legal Ukrainian laws. When two states are at war, it is normal that fanatical supporters of one are not let into another.

So, here Russian media has no right to pull the victim card.

If you're disabled, or black, gay, trans, or whatever, it doesn't mean that legal principles don't apply to you. Yes, you deserve basic human rights, but these rights do not include Eurovision. 
218 deviations
Nothing like this in my town, too small, people are scared. But if it continues I go to Moscow. I need to be a part of it. With my compatriots. No matter what.



You know, I recently accidentally saw one rather unpleasant conversation about me and my boyfriend RedAmerican1945, and there are some things I ought to make clear.

We do not hold the same political beliefs, and I'm not trying to influence his.

I don't want to give him a bad reputation by my presence here, I hold a lot more radical beliefs, and I'm a lot more conflictive person, and, to put it frankly, not 100% sane. I know how muck of the controversy I cause among his friends and watchers, with at least one of them blocking me, others calling me "crazy Ukrainian nationalist", telling me to kill myself and featuring me in journals as a pedophile supporter. I don't want people to start treating him worse because of me.

He and I disagree on some important issues, from marijuana to NATO, I'm not seeking his support when it comes to dA disagreements, I never asked him to whiteknight me and never will. I'd prefer people not to mention him in some criticism directed at me.

And the same actually concerns everyone else who happens to be my friend.


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